Jason Sanford

Software Engineer


Jan 2021Current

Senior Software Engineer

AllTrails Remote, San Francisco, CA

As a Software Engineer on the internal tools team we are responsible for creating a parks portal, to be used by outside agencies and land managers, that ensures AllTrails' park and trail information is correct, up-to-date, and verified by an authoritative source.

  • Helped develop a greenfield application as a microservice to be consumed by our rails monolith
  • Built a library of shared front-end components to be used in various microapps across the platform
  • Oversaw a re-write of our web mapping stack to enable 3D maps across the web platform
Aug 2020Jan 2021

Senior Software Engineer

Lowe's Companies, Inc. Remote, Charlotte, NC

As a Software Engineer on the Enterprise Content team I was responsible for the design and implementation of an internal Content Management System used by our e-commerce and in-store teams to drive sales and deliver merchandising solutions.

  • Writing, testing, and reviewing code in a React/Node.js web application
  • Ensuring code compliance and test coverage are met with a diverse team spread across the globe
  • Onboarding and pair programming with new team members
Feb 2014June 2020

Senior Software Engineer

Spatial Networks Remote, St. Petersburg, FL

As a Software Engineer working on Fulcrum, a mobile data collection platform, I was responsible for the delivery of quality, tested, and performant code to our web and API platforms. Some of the core technology used were Ruby on Rails, React, Node.js, and numerous geospatial software packages.

  • Writing, testing, reviewing, and deploying code in a Ruby on Rails web application
  • Ensuring adherence to a documented software development life cycle
  • Mentoring and pair programming with junior developers
  • Maintaining API libraries in JavaScript, Python, and Ruby
Feb 2012Feb 2014

Software Engineer / Team Lead

MapMyFitness (Under Armour) Denver, CO

As lead of the maps team I was responsible for planning and technical oversight for a group of four developers, in addition to day-to-day software development. I worked closely with other teams and project managers to ensure quality products are scoped, scheduled and completed efficiently.

  • Write code, test and integrate new features in a large Python/Django codebase
  • Interface with various subsytems including Memcached, Celery, RabbitMQ, etc.
  • Plan, prioritize, and estimate tasks for a team of four developers
Feb 2012

Software Developer

Ubisense Remote, Denver, CO

As a software developer at Ubisense I helped build web mapping and analytics applications for enterprise customers in the utility and telecommunications sector.

  • Build rich, performance-focused and intuitive web mapping applications
  • Simplify access to complex GIS data models often found in electric, telecom and other utilities
  • Design and implement server side geospatial web services

Other Projects


Ride CLT

Independent Developer




Ride CLT is an app I developed to act as a trail guide to Charlotte, North Carolina area mountain bike trails. Users can view a list or map of trails, filter trails by features and difficulty, find races and events, and sign up for trail status notifications when trails open or close.

Technology Used

  • React Native / Expo
  • TypeScript
  • Node.js / Prisma / PostgreSQL

Bug Bomber

Independent Developer


I developed a 1 or 2 player action puzzle game for iOS, heavily influenced by a favorite game of mine, Dr. Mario. My wife and I enjoyed playing this game on a retro gaming system and I thought this would be a good opportunity to create my first non-trivial mobile app.

Technology Used

  • React Native / Expo
  • PubNub - for real-time messaging and status updates between players



B.S. Geography, Geographic Information Systems

Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina